Chapter 12: Cyd

It’s been a long day crossing the entire city of Lakepoint, and now the elevator up the cliffside has broken down, cutting off the way to Cara’s house. Cyd is very helpful. Cara and Aralond are wanted. Tiffany’s back to…..


Challenge traditional sword-and-sorcery fantasy with mother/daughter duo Steph and Shannon as they build an epic adventure together.  Shannon acts as game master for Steph, who plays Cyd, a farmhand with an outlandish past who gets caught up in world-shaking events. Stephanie…..

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Meet S & S

Stephanie was a young mom – no not THAT young, but she does often get mistaken for Shannon’s sister – who raised Shannon with the help of her family, but for the most part was a single mom. This resulted…..

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