We’re Going On An Adventure!

Welcome to Dungeons & Daughters, where mother Steph & daughter Shannon do Dungeons & Dragons our way.  I’m Shannon, and I can’t wait to go on this adventure with you.

We’ve been avid fantasy fans our whole lives.  I, influenced by Mom’s love of Lord of the Rings, devoured any fantasy novel I could get my hands on growing up.  We read Harry Potter together.  Midnight movie premiers for Star Wars, weeks of binging Buffy and Supernatural, fandom conventions, we’ve done them all and loved it. 

With the latest rise in popularity of D&D and other tabletop roleplaying games, I eagerly dug into podcasts and live streams, fascinated by the fluidity of the stories friends created within the structure of a game.  Unlike novels, real adventures have twists that a roll of the dice can decide in a game.

Like everyone, 2020 forced us through an adventure we didn’t choose, and we ended up leaving our home of over 10 years and moving across the country with two cats, in the middle of pandemic crisis, without jobs waiting for us once we made it to New England.  This adventure was rough-and-tumble, but like everything Mom and I do together, it’s turned out for the better.  It also made us realize that we haven’t done enough creating our own adventure.  

I’ve built a whole world of a sandbox for Mom to play in, and she’s built a character to test the limits of my world in ways I could never predict.  We can’t wait to share our world with this world.

That’s where you, our beloved patrons, come in.  Mom and I have been writers all our lives.  We love to be creative.  We love being able to take on projects together, and we’ve always wanted to be able to share our art with the world.  We can’t do this without your support. (Shoutout to our very first Patron, Mary, we love you <3)

 Our goal right now is just to cover production costs, but we have big dreams.  With enough Patrons, we’d love to transcribe episodes for accessibility, commission art, bring on guest players, and more!  You can help by sharing the podcast with your friends, leaving reviews for us wherever you listen, and shouting us out on social media.

Thank you for listening <3