Season 1

DnD Chapter 3: The Fight

This week on Dungeons & Daughters: Cyd attempts to have a normal day on Aldin’s farm. Miss Cara has a small request to add to Cyd’s daily chores, and missing chickens can only lead to trouble. If you want to…..

DnD: Chapter 2: The Fair

After learning her mission objective, Baranthor, was the name of the King of Cidelifest, Cyd spends the rest of the afternoon at the fair outside of Aldin’s Farm. While outfitting herself to trek across the unknown world, Cyd still follows…..

DnD: Chapter 1: Forenia

Welcome to Aldin’s Farm, nestled in the Kingdom of Forenia. Cyd has been working for weeks during harvest time to prove herself and was rewarded with a permanent room and job working for Aldin. Join the family as we get…..